RILLA returns to Ace Hotel, Shoreditch on Saturday 7th April 2018 for another night of pure vibes. 

Despite the mystery of technical glitches, some would argue that the energy reached its peak when the sauce from DJ Vectra burst the sound system. 

The music cut out and the inevitable happened: RILLA went acapella. 

The crowd surfed the wave: stomping replaced the bass and voices sang with the strength of Vibranium to ‘tell you say I love you o…”

It was a beautiful moment.

It’s what happens when you need to forget about work, bills, the empty fridge, studying; the price lecturers pay to strike; the debt of a degree; bae, the pursuit of bae, am I bae?; why Nando’s keep their Peri-Tamer sauce a secret; the depth of Killmonger’s last words; and how the slight tremor from fake laughing fractures the soul. 

We caught a vibe, recharged for the week ahead, and when the music resumed, we had to fan Chennessy for bringing too much heat.

Thank you, RILLA.

See you at the next Yellow Party.


Swarzy MacalyComment