#Levile&Chill feat. Remel London, Poet & JemelOneFive

#LevileandChill was dripping in finesse last Wednesday when we returned to the GoThinkBigHub for our first event of 2018 - a night dedicated to the theme of TV Presenters and Entertainers.

Founder of LevileTV (with hella bass in his voice), Olaitan Olaoye went IN on the line-up to spoil the audience with incredible monologues delivered by Josh, Rhiannon* and Mojo, as well as a special guest panel featuring Remel London, Poet, and JemelOneFive. 

But #LevileandChill is never a one-way conversation. I love opening up the event, welcoming creatives to pitch their ideas, network over popcorn and Haribo to create and collaborate with one another, and begin a conversation from the questions tailored to our special guests. 

A special moment for me was hearing from Malachi - a young brother who set pace and kicked off the ‘Pitch Your Idea’ segment of the evening before warming the room with his message of thanks to Remel London for supporting and sharing his work. It’s those moments that make #LevileandChill stand out above the rest as it’s a real joy to see encouragement in action. 

As expected, all three panelists dropped gems: Poet unlocked the keys to hard work; Remel shared her heart and honesty about her journey into radio; and JemelOneFive wrapped up the night with a killer speech, ending with the bar, ‘stop waiting to be perfect and just do it!’ 

Afia brought the vibes. I displayed my love for Misfits. And everyone lived happily ever after. LOL.

...Last Wednesday also saw me launch a new segment of #LevileandChill..."Guys Are Doing Bits!"

Shout out to the guys who put down their details, and if you didn't, drop your name and email in the comments below, and keep on doing bits! We see you! 

If you haven't done so already, come and #LevileandChill with us every first Tuesday of the month.

See you again soon!

Swarz X 

LevileTV - Guys Are Doing Bits!

*For those who recorded Rhiannon’s monologue, please get in contact with me as I’d love to add her performance to the highlights!

Email: info@swarzymacaly.com

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