#LevileandChill brought the fun to the o2 GoThinkBig Hub on Tuesday 6th March 2018 for its fifth event: Deeper Than A Model. 

Following on from two jaw-dropping monologue performances by Ree Walker and Rochelle Thomas, I had the pleasure of introducing the most GORGEOUS special guest panel featuring the amazing Rob Evans, Sonny Turner, Leo Jonah, and Kaine Buffonge. 


At first, I wasn't sure where the conversation would land, but after asking two-two questions, I found that the discussion caught on to a trending theme at #LevileandChill: integrity. 

The discussion picked up pace very quickly, and after opening up the Q&A to the audience, we spoke about everything from making money to making moves in the fashion world; the type of looks casting directors consider beautiful and the type of looks we need casting directors to consider beautiful; our core beliefs and the consequences of compromising; drinking water; eating well; and what it means to 'stay true to yourself'. 


The panel spilled gems, and yet for me, the penny dropped when our guests took the time to explain how we as consumers also play a role within the fashion industry. From the brands we buy to the photos we double-tap on IG, our profiles and purchases send out a message to casting directors who are preeing the culture through our Explore Page.

I was fascinated by these four beautiful people and yet heartbroken by their stories of how they had been turned away from jobs because they weren't the right shape, colour, size, and whatever else 'defines' beauty. When talking about Albinism to me after the event, Leo Jonah said it best: "I may be different, but 'different' is a word that has been defined by the world. It's time for us to claim that word back and own its definition too." (I took the opportunity to interview Leo's Mum, and when she spoke of her love for her son and his achievements, we were all reaching for the Kleenex!)

It was such a powerful night, and then as if to crystalise the gems further, I was walking through Westfield Stratford the very next day when BAM...I was hit by a ray of sunshine as I looked up at PRIMARK to see a very familiar face...

Sonny Turner - we see you girl and we're loving the steps you're taking to create the changes we want to see. 

Keep a look out for the next #LevileandChill - it's the only place to be every first Tuesday of the month!

Swarzy MacalyComment